Saturday, December 20, 2008


I just wanted to update everyone I have had several viruses attack my computer yesterday, even with seven different anti virus and spyware programs, and I will be unable to access my email, and Cafemom until further notice.

Fox, bless her caring soul, will be running my groups for me, with whomever she chooses, until my return. Thank you Fox it is very much appriciated.

I am currently not making tags or siggys for anyone, unless requested by Fox via phone call, and they will be uploaded to 4shared and able to be downloaded from there.

Any and all future kits, will be postponed until further notice as well, unless something changes.

At this point the only internet access I have until my computer is fixed, if at all, is this blog you are reading, my 4shared account, and my psp and programs.

Everything else and all contact to the online community I have come to know and love, is completly cut off. I can't even check my email, omg. Anyway, so as I make my departure, please enjoy everything we have made thus far, and please keep us in your thoughts. Fox will still be here to carry on our SBC name here and on psp tubes. If you need anything please leave a comment or see her in CM for further questions and/or concerns.

Love to everyone, and If I can figure out a way to make some things and post on 4shared, I will have Fox post them in CM, and here as well.



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